Suzuki Method is a philosophy, methodology and pedagogy developed by Dr Shinichi Suzuki, Japan, to nurture high ability in all children with this most natural, child-centred and sensitive education. Central to its success is the child, teacher, parent triangle of enhancing endeavour where the parent attends all lessons and is guided in theirĀ  daily practice with their child.

The ideal age to begin this highly effective and nurturing method of education is at 3 years of age.

I teach Suzuki Method violin beginning with children at the age of 3 years and take them through this programme until school-leaving age.

After completing ATCL and LTCL from Trinity College, London I taught successfully for several years. I was invited to teach Suzuki MethodĀ  violin in Australia where I spent 8 years studying this method as well as in the USA and UK. I was then invited to study in Matusmoto, Japan where I was immensely privileged to study with Dr Suzuki, every day for 5 years. I also studied pedagogy concurrently with Toba Sensi, Matsumoto, Japan.